The Affordable Nokia C5-03 Has Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity

Published: 21st April 2011
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When comparing smart phones, there can be a fine line between a good phone and a phone that consumers should stay away from. Trying to find the perfect phone is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack, but there are ways of discovering a very decent device that will suit the needs of the individual user. The Nokia C5-03 is one phone that a person may or may not like depending on what they are used to finding in a phone and what they expect the phone to be able to do.

The first feature that a person is going to be most interested in is the ability to connect to the Internet. The phone has two ways that is can connect to the web. The first is the most common found in a smart phone is that the phone uses a 3G signal which allows users access to the Internet and cellular networks. The second option for Internet access is the most common way that laptops connect to the web, through a wireless access point. The web on this phone is viewed like a normal browser on the phone's 3.2 inch display and there is no re-sizing needed. Users can also view YouTube videos directly in the browser without the need to exit the browser to open a stand-alone player.

Something that is unique to the Nokia C5-03 is its ability to handle and display. Most people would not think that there is that much to using a map on a phone, but there are several ways that maps can be beneficial to the people using them. The most obvious use for a map is to map a route to a specific location. Other uses for a map are sharing a location with friends on Facebook, using 3D landmarks to find areas of interest on that specific route and even a lifetime of turn-by-turn directions all in one device.

E-mail is one of the biggest ways that people stay connected, even more so than social networking. Because of the importance of e-mail, the Nokia C5-03 features custom mail setup and a home screen location where users receive their mail from multiple accounts all in one location. This is convenient for business users and personal accounts because users do not have to log into each account separately which will save time.

In my opinion, the Nokia C5-03 is a one of a kind phone and cannot be compared to many phones. While the Nokia X5 is one of the most popular of Nokias smart phones, the Nokia C5-03 is the closest device to having a power-house smart phone without spending a lot of money on data plans or the device itself. Overall, this particular Nokia phone well represents the company and has only a few minor flaws to it but for the price and the overall functionality of the phone, users cannot ignore this phone when they are looking for an affordable phone that has great features.

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